Hold Tight, Momma. It's Going To Be Okay!

Oh my gosh, they’ve moved out and are moving on and what do I do with that?

Remember when we moved out and moved on? We were excited, scared, full of dreams, full of fears, ready for it, not sure if we made the right choice. Mixtures of thoughts and feelings swirling around in our hearts and minds. Fast forward 30 years (40, anyone?) and here we are. Standing firm, though weathered a bit and perhaps not quite as tall as we used to be. But, standing, no less. Experience has trained us and taught us lessons we treasure and those we wish we could forget.

Don’t worry, momma. The same thing will happen to them. 30 years from now they will also be standing firm. They will have learned lessons they treasure and experienced some things they would prefer to forget. You will know about some of those things and others they make take quietly to their grave to save you the worry.

In this age of constant connection and 24 hour news that shouts out the worst of our world, it easy to fear and fret. But mommas have always had reason to fear and fret. Remember when you went away and called home once a week from the pay phone at school because it was expensive to call every day? Remember when you traveled and the only way to communicate was with post cards and letters through snail mail? Remember when you moved across town, across country or half way around the world with little or no thought about what your parents thought about your decision?

Well, dear momma. It’s their turn now. Hold tight, say lots and prayers and find a friend. It’s going to be alright.

Lori Ziegler