The Joy of Having a Refrigerator

Ok, so I can't just share with you the difficult times. I have to tell you about one of the biggest blessings of my life in Nairobi (after Tom and Nicholas of course!) Shortly after we brought Nicholas home from the hospital, Georgeanne, one of the Bible Talk leaders in the church, moved and didn't need her refrigerator for a time. She let us borrow it!!

What a happy time that was! 

All of a sudden I could keep milk for longer than 24 hours. I could purchase extra meat and store if for a couple of days before it had to be cooked. And my butter didn't melt and go rancid in the heat. I didn't have to make as many trips to the market. My life, in other words, became quite a bit easier.

Around the same time, grapes started being imported from South Africa.  Have you ever had a frozen grape? They are marvelous. They are cold and hard, yet as they melt in your mouth, the flavor is just amazing. And for some reason I just couldn't get enough frozen grapes when Nick was a baby. Maybe it was because I hadn't had a grape in almost 2 years. Maybe it was because I hadn't had much ice in almost 2 years. Whatever the reason, I promise you I was rejoicing in my heart!

It's the simple things that often bring us the most pleasure and that was so true of having a refrigerator for that time in Nairobi. I never did have an oven, but getting to use that refrigerator more than made up for any deficiency I felt. Just walking into my little kitchen and seeing it there made me sigh with pleasure. You might think I am making too much of this.  I promise you that is not the case. There are few things I have been more grateful for than having that refrigerator. It meant I could store milk for Nick and that he could have a bottle if I needed to go out for a short time. It was truly a great blessing in my life.
Lori ZieglerComment