Faith Over Fear

Yesterday, a friend told me she would pray I decided to choose faith over fear.  Convicting.  Especially because this friend is 20 and in just over a week I will be 51.  I've been following Jesus longer than she has been alive.
Shouldn't I have that one down by now?

Faith over fear.  The rewards of faith decisions have proven so great over the years.  I chose faith over and fear and went to New York City in the summer of 1983 for an 8-week internship at a trade magazine.  I chose faith over fear that summer and studied the Bible and began a life journey down a new path that has brought blessing upon blessing (and plenty of challenges along the way).

Faith over fear is what drove me to say yes when Tom wanted to move to Africa in 1989.  Faith helped me pack everything into 2 suitcases (1 for each of us) and fly to a country and continent I knew so little about.  Faith kept me happy in a two bedroom apartment furnished with 4 straw chairs, a small table, a mattress and 2 straw baskets we used as side tables.  Faith taught me to tackle new adventures and learn new things.  I sewed curtains for our home.  I sewed a beautiful mosquito net made of lace for our bedroom. I cooked on a little 2 burner gas grill and survived without a refrigerator, oven or washing machine for 3 years.  Faith could not, however, persuade me to eat the flying ants that invaded Nairobi periodically. 

Faith taught me how to build friendships with and give my heart eagerly to women I had very little in common with in many ways.  Faith also taught me that while our life circumstances might be different, in all the ways that mattered I actually had much in common with those women.  I loved living in Nairobi so much! 

So, today I am writing.  I chose faith over fear once again.  Goodness, if I can live in Africa, surely I can write about what I learned.  How can the writing be more challenging than the living?

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