My First Letter Home

I wasn't good about journaling and keeping a record of all that happened in Kenya and South Africa, but I did write letters home periodically and my mom kept most of them.  Yeah!  She gave them to me recently and I spent last night reading.  Wow, what memories.  I decided to share the first one I sent home, about a week after we had arrived. 

Mom and Dad,
Hi!  How are you?  We've landed safely as you have assumed.  It was a long flight to Nairobi 'cause we had to stop in Athens, Greece to refuel.  There was bad weather in Kenya (only in the skies - it was nice on the ground.)  We couldn't really tell, though.  Both flights were very smooth.  Lufthanza was great - the meals were real food - there were free movies.  They gave us hot towels steeped in eucalyptus before we landed in Kenya - it was so refreshing.

Jim and Leslie met us at the airport and deposited us at the Hotel Boulevard where we will be until tomorrow.  It's comfortable - like a Holiday Inn - except the rooms all have twin beds - weird!  We're waiting for a new apartment to be finished in Leslie's complex next week.  The apartments are very spacious.  Hardwood floors.  Two bedroom. Two bath.  With balconies.  We'll be on the 4th floor.  I don't know the address yet - I'll send it soon.

Nairobi is great.  Yesterday I walked all over.  Since everyone considers me a tourist the shop keepers want to charge me more so I took a Kenyan along to help me bargain until I learn Swahili - then they'll be surprised.  A little white girl speaks their tongue!  We bought fruit - bananas, oranges, grapefruit, passion fruit and a different one - bananas crossed with mangos.  They're good.  The people are wonderful - friendly and very warm.  Tom's going to look for a job next week or the week after - we're just settling in now to get familiar.  We love you very much.  I think of you every day.  Say hi to the boys and Sandy and Lori.  Give Kyle a kiss.  We'll write soon.
Tom and Lori

Everything in me wanted to edit some of this out!  A couple times I sound so naive and then other times I sound a bit arrogant.  But it's good for me to let you see the real me at 27 years old and living outside the U.S. for the first time. 
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