And On The Way Home...

This is the end of the saga of my first safari.  As I look back on it, I guess it is only fitting that the end be as "exciting" as the beginning and the middle.  I do want you to know that we saw many, many animals.  I saw herds of elephants roaming the plains of Kenya!  They were stunning.  Absolutely my favorite animal of all.  We saw miles and miles of zebra and wildebeest driving through the planes on their migration.  We saw lion.  We saw hippos and rhinos.  We saw giraffe.  We slept in tents one night.  We slept in an amazing hotel another. The stars in that vast sky were the brightest I had ever seen.  It was a magical experience...

Then we drove home.  I don't remember what time we started out.  I don't remember having any trouble getting out of the game reserve, so I guess we followed the map out better than on the way in.  Here is what I do remember.

We ran out of gas in the Rift Valley.

In the middle of nowhere.

In the late afternoon.

The sun was moving lower and lower on the horizon.

Some people stopped, but no one had gas for us.  Everyone that stopped used diesel fuel.

I won't worry you with the paths that my mind was taking as I contemplated the idea of spending the night on the side of the road in the middle of the Rift Valley.

A kind gentleman finally stopped that had a strong rope with him and he towed us many miles to a gas station.  We put gas in the tank.  We thanked the kind man who helped us.  We paid the man all the money we had in our possession after getting some gas.  He was our angel that day.  Then we drove the rest of the way to Nairobi. 

It was good to be home.

(Pictures from our trip will be posted soon.)
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