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Tom and I on a Potomac River dinner cruise.

I love doing life with this man!

Hi! I'm Lori Kay Ziegler and I'm happy you stopped by today. I write about the wonderful, interesting, complicated journey of being a parent of adult children. When I became the mom of Nick and Kati, a passion was ignited inside to master my new role in life.

Now that Nick and Kati are grown and married,  I'm learning that I need to embrace new habits and practices along the way so that our relationships will continue to thrive. I'm passionate about many things, but especially about building and enjoying a strong relationship with my adult children and their new spouses.

I'm not in a hurry for grandchildren, but if I end up with that blessing, I know I will be passionate about building strong relationships with my grandchildren as well.

Everyone has a family. Enjoying great relationships in that family takes grace, creativity, and humility. It's work I love and I'm happy to share what I learn along the way.

You can also read about our adventure as missionaries if you start at the beginning of my blog.

I promised my kids several years ago that I would write about our adventure of living in Africa for 14 years.  Nick was born in Nairobi and Kati in Johannesburg.  They have a lot of their own memories, but I wanted to fill in the stories from those early years in Kenya and South Africa.  I'm not sure Nick knows he lived in a converted chicken coop, for example.

I grew up in a small town in Michigan, lived in Africa and at the moment am settled in San Antonio, Texas. I marvel at my journey every day.  If I hadn't moved to New York City in 1983 and studied the Bible my life wouldn't be anything close to what I enjoy now. My faith in God and my decision to not simply read the Bible, but do what it says, shapes every part of my life.

Nick and Josie Ziegler, Tom and I, Jordan and Kati Zech

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